Key People

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Luci Wheat
Chair RNHA Yavapai County Chapter

We emphasize transparency in everything we do, setting bold goals and pursuing a clear strategy that seeks to move the needle. We are constantly growing and adapting to the changes in society, and invite you to learn more about how you can make an impact.

Lucy Leyva
Vice-Chair RNHA Yavapai County Chapter

We work to ensure the community and local leaders have the knowledge, resources and opportunities to make a real change in society. We see our campaigns as collective efforts and tools for connecting and building a stronger Political Movement.

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Kimberly Myers
2nd Vice-Chair RNHA Yavapai County Chapter

Our amazing team is the life force behind our work. From organizing fundraising events and rallies to managing new campaigns, they help us do it all. They demonstrate the importance of coming together to achieve something truly great.

Tomas Martinez

Secretary RNHA Yavapai County Chapter


Carmen Hurtado